Intercam is an Internet services provider. Some of our customers are Internet portals from Germany, Austria and Switzerland. Our main business area is the transmission of Live Streaming video chats – this is, facilitate the transfer of a live image with the aid of a webcam. The transmission is rounded off with a text chat with the respective girl, which by the way speaks perfect German and English.
The video transmission has a cost for the customer and is charged by the full second. An important success factor, which differentiates us from most studios, is the specially developed scheme which we developed pursuant to our conversations with our customers, thanks to which we are able to quickly reach comfortable personal conversations in very good German and/or English. Frequently a special atmosphere develops during the conversations, which may be going in an erotic direction.

We have been doing business in Poland since 2005 and in Germany with office in Berlin since 2012. Thanks to our many years of business relationships with foreign webcam portals, as well as to the professional guidance of our studio we have become leaders of our industry and enjoy one of the strongest turnovers among webcam studios in Eastern Europe.

More than 100 models generate a total of more than 400000 paid transmission minutes per month.