Videoconference technology is used worldwide as a modern communication alternative. Thanks to always improving Internet connections this form of communication is not only used by the business sector, but it is used nowadays more and more frequently in the private sector. In a world in which many people suffer from isolation suffer, this provides a much more personal contact method, similar to that of a telephone call. The main cause for this is due to the fact that the human person absorbs 80% of its environment visually.
Just a couple years ago personal and intimate blogs were possible on the web, and SMS flirtation sites were created. Today millions of people from all over the world participate in them.
Technology advances offer new possibilities to be used by people. We progress along them and timely provide them to the market.
We have an Internet connection 25 times faster than the one present in an average Polish household. Thanks to this, the Live Stream connections with our studios can claim the highest quality level.